Madeline and Roderick Usher and Roderick’s second wife, Juno, played by Mary McDonnell, Bruce Greenwood and Ruth Codd walking up the aisle to leave the church after a funeral.

The Fall of the House of Usher TV Series

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Netflix has released its own version of Poe’s famous Fall of the House of Usher in which gothic becomes horror in a modern-world setting with a whirlwind of characters and action. This is a perfect occasion for LLCER students to not only work on the short story itself but also compare it to the mini-series and thus work on link words.

Vocabulary and structures

  • hypotheses: maybe / perhaps / modal + have V-en
  • dark setting / tension: graveyard, dark, tension, threat, loom
  • lexical field of affluence: rich, well-off, wealthy, affluent, upper-class, luxury…
  • human relationships: avenge, retaliate, laugh at, get on well…
  • comparing and contrasting: contrary to, whereas, on the contrary…
  • explaining / analysing: to herald, embody, be reminiscent of...


  • blood / bloody / Usher
  • pharmaceutical

If you are having your pupils study the Poe original, don’t miss our Reading Guide.




The Fall of the House of Usher

The "House of Usher", where Roderick and Madeline grew up in the series.


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