An actor dressed as a leprechaun.

The Leprechauns and the Crock of Gold

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Multi-national, multi-lingual theatre company Footsbarn will be playing a few dates of their new show Crock of Gold in the Allier and Paris before setting off for a summer tour of Ireland.

For fifty years, Footsbarn has travelled the world with its unique mix of theatre, music and circus, drawing its inspiration from the many countries it has visited and the performers of many nationalities and cultures that have accompanied it on its way. It was originally founded in Cornwall and in 1991, after years on the road, found a permanent base in France, in the Allier, from where it ventures out with its big top circus tent.

The Crock of Gold is based on the comic novel of the same name by Irish author James Stephens, published in 1912. Stephens (1880-1950) wrote, poetry, fairy tales and commentary and was a friend of James Joyce. It involves two philosophers and many creatures from Irish folklore, including of course leprechauns, who are reputed to each own a crock of gold, which humans can try to obtain if they trap a leprechaun.

As usual, the show combines masks, puppets and lots of music, by Irish musician Glen Hansard.

This first glimpse video gives a flavour of the blend of languages that is part of Footsbarn’s DNA.


Footsbarn: The Crock of Gold

Ainay le Château (03) - 29th of  June
Festival Remp’Arts, la Chaussée (03), in the Footsbarn tent – 3rd of  July
Théâtre de Moulins (03) 9th of July
Irish Cultural Centre, Paris, 5, rue des Irlandais 15th-19th of July

Actors in a performance of The Crock of Gold. On the left, two are dressed as leprechauns.


This  would make an interesting complement to the escape game in Shine Bright 2e SnapFile 18 Celtic Legends.

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