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This A2+-level article sheds light on ways to take part in environmental issues, through the eyes of a teenage Native American boy very committed to ecology. As well as A2+ activities, we have suggested some B1 extensions and videos for use with mixed-level or more advanced classes.

This is  an excellent topic for an EPI « Transition écologique et développement durable », « Information, communication, citoyenneté » or « Sciences, technologie et société ». Other subjects involved: Biology (SVT – adopter un comportement éthique et responsable), Geography (4: espaces transformés par la mondialisation, la révolution industrielle) and Education aux médias et à l’information (produire, communiquer, partager des informations).

See our Eco-Warrior Webpicks for suggested online videos on why and how Xiuhtezcatl Martinez became an eco-warrior. We’ve given suggestions for observing how he addresses an audience, and on working with images on the topic of being Native American in the modern U.S.A.


  • ecology and environmental issues, activism


  • simple past and simple present
  • complex sentences
  • verb-ING: the gerund form


Webpicks Useful websites and online tools for classroom use
> Videos of a Teenage Eco-Warrior