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Looking for interesting resources on the environment for Earth Day or any day? Don't miss our Ready to Use Resource, and video suggestions, on a teenage, Native American eco-warrior. We've also selected some resources from around the web to help you.

Ever since the first Earth Day in 1970, one of the main purposes of the day is to raise awareness about environmental issues. So the Earth Day Network provides tools for teachers to use in class.

This video produced by school kids in Massachusetts has a simple message and it's great for working on hypotheses. Pupils may well suggest it's a video about bullying until they see the slogan "We wouldn't treat a friend like this, so why would we do it to our Earth?" (0:49) Suitable from A1+

This Public Service Announcement y from Earth Day Canada is short and simple. Great for gerunds! Suitable from A1+

There are several Earth Day quizzes on the Earth Day site that would be a nice way into the topic. They're relatively simple, with a focus on learning and teaching rather than catching anyone out.

This  video from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is practically a vocabulary lesson on ecology, whether it is talking about the greenhouse effect, weather, natural disasters, clean energy or actions like recycling. It is also good for working on comparisons and comparatives. Usable from B1 in connection with a theme on ecology.

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