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Audio Resources for the Tower of London

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If you are working on London monuments or specifically the Tower of London, there are audio files with interactive activities in the BRNE anglais cycle 4 to help you.

You can find  these audio recordings with interactive comprehension activities in the Banque de ressources anglais cycle 4:

Audios> A1+ > Rencontres avec d'autres cultures > Saynètes > "The Princes in the Tower"
A simple telling of one of the Tower's most macabre legends: the unsolved disappearance of Princes Edward and Richard, sons of Edward IV of England, allegedly by his brother and successor Richard III.

Audios> A1+ > Rencontres avec d'autres cultures > Saynètes > "The Tower of London"
A short history of the Tower and its ghosts..

Audios > B1 > Rencontres avec d'autres cultures > Interviews > "Prisoners of the Tower"
An interview with the curator of an exhibition in the Tower about the prisoners who have been held there.

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