Musical Migrations

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Last year, the Immigration Museum in Paris held an excellent exhibition on the influence of migration from former colonies on the musical culture of the UK and France after decolonisation in the 1960s. Paris-London Musical Migrations fits perfectly with the themes of Shine Bright 1e File 7 Caribbean Vibes and  Shine Bright LLCE File 8 From Isle to Isle. Although the museum has been closed during lockdown, they have had the great idea of making an online version of the exhibition available.

This B1-B1+ worksheet will allow pupils to get the most out of the online exhibition, complementing the documents in their books.

Axes du programme : Identités et échanges / Territoire et mémoire
LLCE : La confrontation à la différence

Stuctures and vocabulary

  • preterite
  • infinitive clauses
  • causatives
  • music
  • changes
  • cause and consequence

Pragmatic objectives

  • Creating a poster


  • music in London
  • immigration to the UK
  • the Caribbean islands/West Indies


  • summarising events
  • creating a timeline

The exhibition site.


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