A line drawing of a corgi dog with a crown and a Queen's Platinum Jubilee logo

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Resources

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There are lots of online resources for the Platinum Jubilee you could use in class.

The Queen is famously fond of corgi dogs and so a corgi to colour in is one of the downloadable printables in the Platinum Jubilee toolkit. There is also a crown, a join-the-dots royal guard and a Buckingham Palace maze. (This would be a good pairwork activity if one pupil can be blindfolded and another give them instructions to draw a line, go right, left, straight on, double back, etc.

There’s also bunting to print out and use to decorate your classroom.

On both the toolkit page and the Big Jubilee Lunch site, there are lots of recipes, sweet and savoury, for a street-party picnic lunch.

The Platinum Pageant site has a 40-second wordless video that would make a good introduction to the topic: there’s lots of pageantry, Union Jacks, street parties, palaces and red-white-and-blue. Plus the Queen at various ages. Frustratingly, the video starts automatically when you visit the page, and you can’t stop and start, but it’s very short.

This 2-minute birthday video from the Royal Family channel sums up the Queen’s situation in her jubilee year, showing her carrying out duties, receiving cards and good wishes and talking to people over Zoom when she wasn’t well enough to attend in person. There is onscreen text and some dialogue, usable from A2.

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