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Sports Stories Winners Outsize

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We received thousands and thousands of fabulous entries to our sport-themed creative-writing contest. There were a few that were much longer than our suggested word count but that we couldn't resist including. They all take a fairly fantastical look at the sports theme.

And the winners are, in no particular order:

  • Chiara from Mme Marlot’s class, Liceo Franco Mexicano, Mexico City.
  • Romane from Mme Pordany’s class, Lycée St Augustin, St Germain-en-Laye.
  • Maxime, from Mme Chèze’s class, Lycée La Trinité, Neuilly-sur-Seine.
  • Amanda, Emma-Louise, Jeanne, Kanitha, Margaux, Sarojini and Youssra from Mme Récapet’s class, Lycée Galilée, Cergy.

Scroll down to discover their fantastic texts!

Chiara from Mme Marlot’s class, Liceo Franco Mexicano, Mexico City.

Thanks to Mr. Brown

Matthew opened his eyes on a cold Wednesday of January. It was 7:45, classes started at 8. Luckily, Matthew lived near the school, so he got dressed and ran out of his house. It just so happened that the principal, Mr. Brown, was also running late, so he, who was traveling by car, stepped on the gas. In his hurry, Matthew crossed a street without looking to the sides, and suddenly, everything vanished. That's right, Mr. Brown had just run over Matthew, who was rushed to the hospital, already in a coma.

He doesn't know how much time passed, but Matthew woke up, or so he thought. In reality, he was dreaming in the coma. He woke up in a school gymnasium, and Matthew, a chubby 14-year-old boy who didn't like sports at all, felt confused, he didn't understand what he was doing there. Suddenly, he heard a group of people entering the room. At that moment, he was told of his outcome: he was the new member of the badminton team, the sport he hated the most. After that terrible news, he returned to what in that dream was his home. When he entered his room, he found a series of post-its dispersed around the bed. Putting them together, he read the following message: "To get out of the coma, you have to win the game". And so it was, he started attending badminton lessons and became friends with Henry, his best friend in real life, with whom he spent his afternoons playing and practicing.

At the beginning it was hard for Matthew. As he was practically alone, there were times when he wondered if it was really worth it. But waking up was the only thing he wanted, he could not accept to leave his family, or his friends, so he kept going, persisted and practiced despite multiple defeats. He kept going and suddenly, he won his first game, and then the second, and the third, and so on until he became invincible. And then, the big day for which he had prepared so much finally came: the day of the tournament, when his victory would ensure his awakening.

The match started, in total there were five. The first game was very fair, but on the last point, Matthew made a long serve for which his opponent was not prepared, and won. The second and third games were easier. He won his first set of games, now comes the hard part. The 2vs2. His partner was appointed at the time, and it required very good communication to win the match. The last game was coming up, Matthew was tired, a bit disoriented, and his partner sweated a lot. The victory was definitely not assured, and it was far from being easy. The match starts, and it starts very badly, with a bad serve from his partner. Second serve, now it's the opponent's turn, Matthew doesn't see it coming and misses the response. The atmosphere was getting tenser. The opposing team got another point.

"NO!" exclaimed Matthew, after so much effort, he couldn't agree to a loss. And then the real match began, Matthew served so close that his opponent couldn't do anything. Matthew's motivation encouraged his partner, who also started to put his heart into it. His movements became more fluid and coordinated. His responses became more precise, and when they were 10/9, Matthew, who had become a real athlete, stepped back, took a run-up and made a smash, combining it with a jump, that left everyone present speechless. Matthew had won, and surprisingly, he now liked badminton. He stepped on to the podium, received his medal and trophy, and celebrated euphorically with his partner, who came in second place, and even with his opponent, who had come in third. Matthew had finally made it.

He returned home, closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, a glowing white light almost blinded him. Matthew thought he had died, but when he saw his mother's face emerge, he realized he had woken up. Matthew decided to take badminton lessons, and was surprised to realize that the skill he had acquired during his dream had not disappeared. And so he continued attending classes and became the best badminton player of his era. He was even invited to national and international events, which of course, he won. "I never thought I would say this but, thanks to Mr.Brown for leaving me in a coma. I am standing here in front of you today because of him, giving the speech I never imagined to make".

Romane from Mme Pordany’s class, Lycée St Augustin, St Germain-en-Laye.

The Adventures of Dragon Racing

In a world where magic and adventure come together, the Olympic Games take on a unique form. The most eagerly awaited event of the year is the legendary Dragon Boat Race. In this extraordinary competition, intrepid riders mount majestic dragons and compete for glory and honour.

Aria is a courageous young girl from a small, remote village. Ever since she was a little girl, she has dreamed of becoming a champion dragon rider. Together with her faithful dragon, Brise, a magnificent silver-scaled dragon, she trains tirelessly to achieve her goal.

Aria and Brise have a unique bond, forged through countless hours spent training together. Brise, though majestic and powerful, is also protective of Aria, regarding her as his own family. Their friendship and mutual trust are unshakeable, making them almost unbeatable on the competition field.

When the day of the competition finally arrives, the excitement is at its peak. Spectators flock from all over the world to witness the spectacular event. The competitors, each riding on dragons of different sizes and colours, soar through the sky, defying the laws of gravity and pushing the limits of speed.

During the race, Aria and Brise face formidable obstacles. Magical storms suddenly erupt, sending bolts of lightning and gusts of wind at the competitors. Mythical creatures emerge from the depths of the enchanted forests, trying to throw the riders off balance and disrupt their rhythm.

Despite the challenges, Aria and Brise remain focused on their goal. They use their special bond to anticipate their opponents' movements and dodge dangers with grace. Their determination and courage inspire the other competitors, as well as the enthusiastic spectators who cheer them on from the ground.

But as the finishing line approaches, Aria and Brise find themselves up against a formidable opponent: the legendary dragon of the reigning champion. This dragon, known as Sombreclarté, is renowned for its unrivalled speed and power. But Aria refuses to back down from the challenge, knowing that true courage lies in the will to fight to the bitter end.

In a final epic sprint, Aria and Brise launch a daring attack against Sombreclarté. They launch themselves into the sky with ferocious determination, their hearts beating to the rhythm of Brise's flapping wings. Spectators hold their breath as the three dragons vie for the lead, their cries echoing across the skies.

Finally, in a flash of dazzling light, Aria and Brise cross the finish line just ahead of their rivals, taking the coveted victory. Their victory is greeted by resounding cheers and enthusiastic applause, while fireworks light up the night sky.

Through this epic adventure, Aria learns that true victory lies not only in the triumph, but also in the journey itself. She discovers that sport can be so much more than just a competition; it's an opportunity to challenge herself, connect with others and fulfil her wildest dreams. And in her heart, she knows that no mountain is too high to climb when you pursue your dreams with passion and perseverance.

Maxime, from Mme Chèze’s class, Lycée La Trinité, Neuilly-sur-Seine.

 Elara, the Blind Archer

In the mystical depths of an ancient forest, where the trees whispered secrets and the streams sang forgotten melodies, resided a unique people called elves, recognisable by their ears and their long life, they took great pride in one event in particular, an extraordinary competition held only once every century: the legendary Archery Championship. It was an event where elite archers from all over the world, endowed with extraordinary skills, came together to compete in the art of the bow.

At the heart of the competition was a young blind archer called Elara, whose skill with the bow was extraordinary. Yet she felt nervous about the challenge. Guided by her courage and determination, Elara calmly waited her turn in the shade of a lime tree, her trusty bow clutched to her back. The final test was to show her talent for hunting in the forest: she had to hit a number of targets suspended in the trees while running as fast as she could. The wind whispered softly through her ears as her name was called, it was not uncommon for some elves to lose the use of their eyes over the years but even though Elara was young she had help, the targets would make a little noise as she passed by, assistance was provided for people with disabilities called para-archery.

The competition began through the natural obstacles of the forest. The archers competed in this test of precision, aiming at moving targets while navigating skillfully through the winding branches. Elara blended into the forest, her sight hidden, but her other senses were overdeveloped: she could hear the slightest noise emanating from the forest, which enabled her to find her bearings, her arrow finding its target with astonishing accuracy with every shot, assistance was provided for people with disabilities called para archery.

But as the competition progressed, a threatening storm arose, darkening the sky and whipping up gusts of violent wind. Conditions became increasingly perilous, testing the bravery and skill of the archers. Despite the raging elements, Elara held firm, drawing on her inner strength to keep going. With unwavering concentration, she unleashed her last arrow, cutting through the air like a bolt of lightning and hitting her target with dazzling accuracy.

In a crescendo of triumph, Elara crossed the finish line, her silhouette standing out against the dark clouds and the referee indicating that she had hit every target in her section of the forest. Her legendary feat was celebrated throughout the forest, inscribing her name in the annals of Archery for centuries to come. And as the sun peeked through the clouds again, illuminating the clearing with its golden glow, Elara knew she had conquered the heavens with her bow and her bravery.

Amanda, Emma-Louise, Jeanne, Kanitha, Margaux, Sarojini and Youssra from Mme Recapet’s class, Lycée Galilée, Cergy

The Echoes of Victory

In the neon-lit expanse of Lumina, where skyscrapers pierced the sky like shards of glass, a unique sport thrived unlike any other. It wasn't confined to fields or courts but unfolded within the digital expanse of the Cybersphere. Here, athletes transformed into avatars, engaging in a game known as "EchoBall," where lightning reflexes and strategic acumen were the linchpins of success.

At the epicenter of this bustling city stood Rhoswen, the prodigious EchoBall player, who had claimed victory in the prestigious tournament of unity for five consecutive years. With her unmatched agility and unwavering focus, she had risen to the zenith of the sport, reigning supreme across the seven realms, earning both adoration from fans and trepidation from competitors. Yet, amidst the acclaim, Rhoswen bore a silent burden—a longing for something beyond the confines of the digital arena.

One pivotal evening, following a crucial match, Rhoswen departed from her teammates, feigning a headache as a guise. Her intention? To escape, to seek out the varied tapestry of the different realms beyond, to experience a spectrum of emotions.

However, fate had a divergent course in store.

As she attempted to elude recognition by a zealous fan, Rhoswen found herself wandering through the forgotten alleyways of Lumina, stumbling upon a quaint, dimly-lit café nestled in obscurity. The aroma of freshly baked bread enticed her senses as she ventured inside, her curiosity piqued by the solitary figure engrossed in a game of chess.

"Mind if I join you?" Rhoswen asked, pulling out a chair.

The figure looked up, revealing piercing emerald eyes that sparkled with intelligence. "Be my guest," he said, gesturing to the empty seat.

As they played, Rhoswen found herself captivated by the man's strategic mind and wry sense of humor. It was the first time in a while that she actually failed something.

As the evening continued she learned new things about him, his name was Lucas, a renowned chess master who had retired from the competitive circuit to pursue a quieter life.

"I never took you for a chess player…" Rhoswen remarked, eyeing the board with admiration.

Lucas chuckled. "And I never took you for the Cybersphere Empress. Amusing how life surprises us..."

Their rendezvous became a ritual, an unspoken agreement etched into their routine. After every pulsating bout of Echoball, she sought him out, not merely for another round of exhilaration but for a game that tested the depths of their minds.

One evening, amidst the familiar ambiance of the café, Rhoswen finally broached the lingering question that had been fermenting within her.

"Lucas, have you ever sensed a void, an elusive absence despite our victories? It's as if triumphs only momentarily fill the chasm within."

Lucas, with his eyes harboring a wisdom beyond his years, regarded her with a solemn understanding. "I reckon we're all chasing different ghosts, Rhoswen . Some pursue the high of conquest, while others seek solace in the quiet connections of companionship."

Her thoughts meandered, trailing toward the imminent Tournament of Unity—a pedestal awaiting her to reaffirm her dominance, to inscribe her name deeper into the annals of history. Yet, in the depths of their shared gaze, Rhoswen found a revelation: true triumph transcended the cacophony of acclaim, nesting within the sanctuary of kinship.

And so, on the day of the grand championship, Rhoswen made a choice that defied the world's expectations. Instead of tethering herself to the digital realm of the Cybersphere, she embarked on a journey toward the Verdian Realm, where Lucas awaited, a silent sentinel of understanding, armed not with flashy spectacles but with a humble chessboard, ready to embark on a different kind of conquest.

As they played beneath the dappled sunlight, in the Exo-Train. Rhoswen felt a sense of peace wash over her—a realization that in the quiet moments shared with a friend, she had found the greatest prize of all: the echo of victory in her heart.