A Trick or treat for UNICEF collecting box surrounded by candy and a plastic jack o' lantern.

Trick or Treat to Do Good

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Halloween is an important fundraiser for UNICEF U.S.A. Trick or Treat for UNICEF was started in 1947 and 31 October was declared UNICEF Day by President Lyndon B. Johnson 20 years later. It allows kids "put some meaning in their Halloweening" by collecting money for the United Nations Childrens' Fund. 

The campaign was started by a couple in Philadelphia. Mary Emma Allison felt that trick or treating could be used for something more helpful than just candy. Her husband Clyde, a Protestant minister, was able to get news of the idea out to lots of churches that trick or treating would be used to collect money for children around the world after the devastation of the Scond World War.

It allows kids to help other kids around the world. This year, the emphasis is on helping to combat the COVID-19 epidemic. UNICEF has commited to sending 1.4 billion doses of COVID-19 to countries that have struggled to get supplies. Trick or treat fundraising will help pay for vaccines, masks, soap and treatments.

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