Sea turtles and fish

A Poster for World Sea Turtle Day

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 16 June 2023 > Shine Bright Collège Webpicks

June 16 is World Sea Turtle Day. You can use this free downloadable poster to raise awareness about sea turtles and the dangers they face.

Of the seven sea turtle species in the world, almost all of them are considered endangered. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists three species as vulnerable, one as endangered and two as critically endangered. There isn't enough data available to judge the status of the flatback turtle, which is only present between Australia and Papua New Guinea.

This infographic from WWF lists four major threats to the creatures: habitat loss, climate change, illegal trade and consumption and bycatch (turtles which die because they are caught in fishing nets, though the fishing boats are not trying to catch turtles.) This WWF video shows volunteers cutting a turtle free from a polypropylene bag.

To raise this issue in class, you can download this free poster from ShareAmerica. Sea Turtle Week has a site with lots of information and links. This site has fairly simple information about action to help baby turtles survive from hatching on the beach to reaching the sea.


This would be a great addition to Shine Bright 3e Snapfile 7 Dive into Barbados, about the ways Barbadians are preserving the marine environment, including sea turtles.