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Analysing Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Parts 6-8

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We are gradually publishing an 8-part analysis of the 1993 animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas so you can study the film with A2-level pupils in class. Here are are the three final parts, 6-8, in time for Christmas 

The film, directed by Henry Selick and written by Tim Burton, focuses on the King of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington. He and all the town's citizens, celebrate Halloween every day of the year. But Jack becomes bored with Halloween and when he stumbles upon Christmas Town, he decides to celebrate Christmas instead.

In Part 6, Jack tries to play Santa Claus with disastrous results: he terrifies the children of Christmas Town rather than bringing them joy. He ends up being chased off in his sleigh by the military. Part 7 centres around Jack's regrets and the song "What Have I Done?" In Part 8, all's well that ends well, as Santa Claus returns and brings Christmas to Halloween Town too.

Vocabulary and grammar

  • adjectives (emotions)
  • cinema vocabulary (point of view)
  • imperatives
  • WH- questions
  • preterite
  • present perfect
  • Christmas vocabulary
  • winter vocabulary
  • repetition
  • expressing regrets, apologising


  • Christmas
  • Santa Claus

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